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New to forums thought I would try this tactic


Hey Day 2 no smoking gave up before but didn't last so trying again with a new tactic hoping support from other will help. Any advice will gladly be taken x

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Welcome! Yes you might have just made the most important decisions of your life, well done on deciding to quit, and mostly well done for trying to find ways (forum) to overcome any obstacles.

What can I tell you? The first 4 days are just rotten, everybody knows that. You need to stay calm, avoid coffee or any stimulants at all.

I spent those days with the headphones on, drinking camomile tea and researching a lot.

I think if you understand the process it makes it easier to go by.

Stay close to the forum, answer other posts, help someone because you'll be helping yourself as well.

Drink buckets of water, I mean it. Having a big glass of cold water beside you helps a lot.

Positive re-enforcement!

Stay strong and good luck!

NozmoValued Contributor

Hello Chellebooka, there are lots of people here that will offer you support and advice.

Try keeping a tag on how much money you're saving by not smoking. I set up a spreadsheet (because I'm sad) which calculates how much money I'm saving as each day passes. So far I've saved £171, which is a definite incentive not to start again...for a miser like me anyway :D

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nozmo, there's apps for that! Don't tell me you're an excel lunni like me, that would be cool, at this stage I'm waiting for someone to say "I wonder hoe much..." so I can create an all sufisticated spreadsheet.... One that usually no one can read

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Nozmo

Don't know why I didn't think of looking for an app mmaya. There are apps for everything these days!

That said, it's much more "fun" creating your own, home made, spreadsheet.

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

I still actually save the amount I used to spend (withdraw it from the cash point). I find it's better to physically be able to see the cash.


Welcome Chellebooka, and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit...if you are on facebook, there a good page called 'Quitometer' that tracks your quit and lets you know how your body is improving, weeks, days, hours and minutes of your quit, how much money you have saved and how many cigs you have not smoked, it is a great boost - I have saved €€490 so far! This forum has been a huge support for me too.....good luck!

HercuValued Contributor

Welcome Chellabooka...You did this before and will know exactly what went wrong !! Mark Twain said quitting is easy he did it thousands of times....So to stay quit is the difficult one.

Be prepared for a physical and emotional roller coaster ride which will will leave you with a lot of Blah's and there is no way around it...the only way is through... You have got some excellent advice from Mmaya..Nzomo.. and Rowens. take it to heart and join us in the struggle to become non smokers !!


It's just like me...I'm good at doing it, just not good at getting it done!

There's a good few of us in here that share the thought lol

Hey welcome! Places like this are such a great help you're in good hands here. Good luck with the quit!

Thanks everyone for the messages I'm now in day 4 and still soldiering on. Have had some killer cravings. Just have to keep going I guess. So far I've managed to eat lollipops and use my nicorette inhaler. Put some menthol oil on it so it tastes better. God I hate this crapiness. I've put £4 a day on the calendar and I'm putting it in a see thru jar as I think it's good to see the money building up. Positive vibes and things. My worry is Sat when I have to go to a party with smokey friends. Not looking forward to that. I'll keep in touch as I really need some support right now at least for the first bit. Xxxxx

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

Chelle, we all worry about the times when we'll be surrounded by people who smoke or in an environment where smoking is almost the norm, my advice to you would be, take a close look at these people and ask yourself if this is what they really want to be doing or are doing because they don't have the willpower and resolve it takes to become smoke free. I'm sure you already know the answer. Let them know what it is your doing, my guess is they'll wish you luck and deep down they may even be a little envious. Those that try to coax you into 'just a puff' or 'quit tomorrow' might not be considered true friends. I for one have had more difficulty sometimes being alone than when others that smoke are around, probably because you can see first hand the 'need' they are feeding. They feel they don't have a choice, actually a little sad.

Life is about choices, you've chosen to live a better smoke free life. Kudos to you and don't give up or in to peer pressure. This is going to pay off in spades and all the uncomfortable feelings your having right now will only need to be addressed at another point further down the road if you cave and then it will be even more difficult. Stay strong and good luck.


All I can tell you is that a quit can be very difficult or very easy depending on your state of mind.

If you set it to no failure allowed, it becomes very easy.

With me, and God knows I'm no example to anyone, failure wasn't and isn't an option, whatever else, I'll look for a solution.

A set of 10 deep breaths in and out slowly gets you through the craving, a huge glass of cold water will work as well specially because by the time you're finished you'll probably need to go to the bathroom and you'll forget about smoking in no time. Lol

Ultimately it is about you and whatever works for you, anything to get you out of the first 10 days

When I was going through the first days, I avoided at all cost confrontation with the cigarettes, I knew I would give in.

Some people say it's better to expose yourself to smokers from day one...there is no right or wrong, it's whatever works for you.


HercuValued Contributor

Chelle..I have said it and not ashamed but I am to much of a "Sissy" to go through that first few weeks again.and that is why I will stay smoke free forever.. Yeah there is another reason as well and that is I am free and make my own happiness..I don't need that nicotine anymore to live my life as it was supposed to be...

That is why even amongst smokers I am happy to say "No thank you I am not smoking" Good luck !

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