No Smoking Day
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41 days

Good morning friends

It's day 41 and I've never gone this far, I have no cravings and no desire to smoke.

I hope everyone is doing well, may this be the last time we're going through this suffering, let's get this done this time forever

Have a great day everyone and easy on the Halloween sweets, I actually believe the sugars increase the cravings.... maybe it's just coincidence.

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Ah mmaya, I am thrilled for you, that is great news on this fine sunday afternoon, glad things have calmed down for you, the bendy road is slowly but surely turning straight for you now, enjoy!


Good job, mmaya!


I just spent the last hour going through the posts from my last quit, I found out pedz, my man you were there the last time with me...we've relapsed around the same time, isn't it a really coincidence that we decided to stop smoking again on the same day?!

I wonder what happened to Spanish, walkabout, I know wincy is good, annemarie is good...hope everybody is doing well.

I had a very quiet day, listening to music and reading, trying to understand the science bits of the quit.

I'll be going to bed soon.



Glad you had a nice day Maya....xx


Now that's spooky or just coincidence lol but still here and still at it, looks like the zombies day off lol well a hope so, what day are we on ? Oh and I don't know you name ?


It's maya :) we're on 42, I usually go to rowens post and add 3 days lol if she decides to make up a random number I'll still add 3 to it ;)

Let's kill the zombies once for all, stay with me buddy, I need you here!


Im Never far away girl


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