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Problems with skin pain

Hi im eddie this is my first post. Im 34 yo and i quit 4 months ago i was a social smoker for 10 years quit for a Year and I've been smoking around 10 to 5 cigs a day until i quit this time for good. Now the real question i know I've lost collagen because people tell me i look about 7/8 yrs older. Im really depressed because of this but the real however theres something more troubling. I've noticed that whenever i scratch myself it leaves deeper marks than before and scratches heal in weeks insted of days i think I've developed thin skin whenever i grab something with an edge( metal spoon handle for example) and i apply a bit of presure it leaves a red indentation the other say i was eating and tried to cut a bit of meat and putting pressure with my index finger on the knife handle left a pretty deep mark on the finger and it hurt. My glasses leave far deeper marks than before mybhands are always red even house keys hurt my hands sometimes. Have someone else experience painful thin skin after quitting and slow healing? Sorry for the long post im just really worried and depressed my friends tell me it doesnt aound smoking related but i think it is what do you think?

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Hi eddie.

I have heard of smoking affecting the skin and making people look grey and old. If you feel tempted to start smoking again then please remember that smoking is not going to help your skin one bit (as well as have an appallingly destructive effect on many other aspects of your health - as I expect you already know).

I have not heard of giving up smoking affecting the skin. This might be something coincidental and unrelated to smoking. It sounds like it has been on your mind and bothering you for a while, so it would be a good idea to get a resolution to it fairly soon. So it is probably best handled by a trip to your GP. Your GP will be able to tell you pretty quickly whether or not there is a problem - it is their job after all to know about medical matters!


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