Starting Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

I have set my quit date as tomorrow. Only been smoking for the past year but that is after stopping 9 years ago :-(

I have been surprised how quickly I got hooked again and how difficult I have found it try to stop. I've decided to throw everything at it this time...hence joing the site. I am using patches and have also signed up for Stoptober. Finding it difficult to get support as my family don't know I smoke, my partner has refused to support me as I have said I would stop before and failed and my closest friends smoke so tend to act as enablers.

Hoping I can get my support from here as I don't really feel I have anyone else to turn too! Sad I know.

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  • Hey k8tjane, congratulations on taking the big step and setting the date tomorrow to quit, you can do it and just keep thinking how happy you will be after you put out that last cigarette, I am currently on day 11 and have got great support here, only found the site on day 7 so my updates are only from day 8, but read all the day 1 updates for support, best of luck and be proud!

  • Thanks rowens08. I intend to have a good read through the threads and tips on the forum. Well done for stopping and getting to 11 days...that seems so far off at the momement but looking forward to feeling healthy again.

  • K8tjane.,..Welcome and you have made the best decision of your life...

    We all know the first few days is crazy and support is what carry us through that days...But strongs on your quit and we are behind you all the way !

  • Hi Katie, you are most welcome here there are plenty of old and new members who can offer advice and support in abundance, you will be fine here :) all the best for tomorrow will look forward to you posting throughout ur journey, it really does help x

  • Thanks guys for the support, it really does mean a great deal. I'm looking forward to being a non smoker (again!). Will be following you all and your journeys!

  • Good luck for tomorrow, you can do this! Stay close to the forum

  • Thanks Karri, I suspect teh forum is going to be my lifeline for the next week or two.

  • Make it for the next 3 or 4 months ;)

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