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day 28 Thoughts


1. Cravings less and not that strong

2. Fatigue still the same (10% of coffee intake)

3. Anxiety is getting at lower levels

4. Some saliva/mucus coming out increasing

5. More stamina when swimming and while sex too....hehe

6. Smelling and tasting more

7. Lost 2 kilos... eating healthier ..snugging lots on vegetables ..*carrots, celery, tomatoes, broccoli and more

8. Getting into healthier lifestyle

I am pissed with myself smoking sooo long 18 years a pack a day or more at times... I am 39 .... What damaged did i do up to now ? Is it reversible at my age?

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HercuValued Contributor


Good going on almost a month...Energy will take a few months to be on 100% (I am almost 4 months smober and energy on 80%)

Yes.. we are disgusted because we damaged our body's for so long.... 18 years is a lot of damage but almost totally repairable at your age....

The wounds will heal 100% but there might be a scar or two !!!!

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