One week done!

Good morning folks, I know theres not many of us on here but all the more reason for checking in so its not like the Mary Celeste! :D

One week for me today, All going well I feel fantastic, I am starting to think my body and brain hs finally accepted I can't smoke anymore, I've tried and failed so many times it's ridiculous.

This time I just feel normal? I don't feel like I have given up anything,I am just me, the real me? Bit too much waffle for this time of the morning but I'm sure u get my drift!

Hope you all have a t'riffic day xx

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  • Hey DonnaJ,

    I think I remember you when I joined last year.. Well done on your new quit. Whats the longest length of time on any previous quits?

  • Hi Paula, my longest quit was just over 19 weeks, but it was a struggle the whole way through, my goal is to get to 20 weeks and beyond and I really think I will do it easily this time, I really have been through the mill and tried soooooo many times so it's about time I had it easy lol x

  • Donna......Very nice and love the positiveness !!!!!!

  • Thanks Hercu, I do feel extremely positive x

  • Congrats Donna, great feeling the 1 week mark, hope you give yourself a small treat

  • Hiya no treats for me yet but as soon as pay day is here I'm going to treat myself with the weeks money I have saved x

  • I never gave up on you, I always told you that you can do it, no surprise to see you where you are, and the same to you Donna, you Can do it, we just needed more time to say good bye to them ;) like Hercu says: strongs girls ;) big hug for both of you today xx

  • Well done on getting to 1 week DonnaJ!

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