Day 5- Feeling Strong

I am 21, and I have only been smoking for the past two years. A lot of people ask me why I started smoking so late in life, well one stressful job and high-maintenance relationship later there I was the solution to my anxiety pressed between my lips. My boyfriend is a menthol smoker and it started with stealing one of his cigarettes. Then a couple a day, and eventually I was smoking nearly a pack of my own every day. I kept telling myself I had to quit, that I would quit.... eventually. I kept giving in and smoking one more because the anxiety of never smoking again became too overwhelming.

This time around, I busied myself. I started exercising (it's helped the cravings a lot) and enrolled in cooking classes. I feel much better, and stronger, but mostly I am starting to feel like my old self. I didn't think it was possible, even though I would tell myself to quit there was a part of myself that came to terms that I would always be a smoker. I am so excited! Every day that passes becomes more and more easy, my determination stronger.

I just thought I'd share my story, it's hard at times as you all well know, and the cravings come back every once in a while but not very often. Today for example, I have been lazy, enjoying my day off and the nicotine craving hit me hard, but passed as I stumbled upon this website and read many of your entries. Now it's time to be more productive! I hope you all have a good day, stay strong.

Smoke-Free Rapunzel

2 Replies

  • Welcome and stick around we can always use your optimism and you will have someone to talk to when the day is grey! Well done on day 5, keep strong ;)

  • Thank you, I really appreciate such a warm welcome!

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