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Checking in on Day 5

Just checking in as I come to the end of Day 5. I'm still at the counting the days stage and heaving a sigh of relief as I cross each one off but, and I hope I'm not tempting fate :eek:, today hasn't been too bad on the quit front.

Apart from a couple of cravings that appeared from nowhere and washed over me like a pang of toothache - ouch - I've managed to get through the day in one piece.

I just wish I had a few weeks under my belt instead of a few days but so far so good. Looking forward to day 6 (I think) :).

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Linda.....Good for you ! and congratulations. I am sure we will see you in/on day 6....

Getting easier from now on and Yes...the cravings will come in rushes !!!!

Researchers found that a person who stopped is getting about 6 cravings a day lasting 3 minutes each....

That means you need to be super alert for 18 minutes a day...and if you resist you are winning.....

Stay strong......


Excellent Linda, listen I had a strong desire for a cig last night, very strong and I'm over 100 days in. Still, I let it pass and didn't think about a cig again till logging in here this morning. I guess it's different for eveyone but as long as we resist the temptation when it hits there will be less and less of them to battle. Stay strong.


Still feel I'm having to try hard but another day almost done and I'm still here. Another day and it will have been a week, it seems to have been a long one but I know it's been worth the effort.

I don't seem to have much to say really, guess I'm just a bit depressed with myself for still trying to give up this addiction for the umpteenth time. I know for sure that I don't want to let myself down again.

On a positive note it feels so good not to be smoking, it actually feels good to ignore the cravings - all the same I hope they'll ease up soon though.;)

Thank you Hercu and Canwes, it is good to be able to share my tales of woe with people who understand and don't judge. I am trying to hang on to my sense of humour even though it's been a struggle since I embarked on this quit mission - hoping I'll return to 'business as usual' (smoking excluded of course) asap.


Hello Linda

How you doing?


Hello AnnMarie. Thankyou for asking and 'Yes' I seem to be doing okay and I'm definitely glad I'm not smoking. It's still a bit of a battle of wills at times but I do think things are slowly starting to improve and that at long last I've reached the point where I've really had enough of being a stupid smoker. Still a long way to go but at least I'm on my way and glad of it.


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