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Es git nüt bessers als öppis guets

Well if you read the topic title you must be intrigued. With good reason. I'm half Swiss, and that's Swiss for 'There's nothing better than something good' (Usually applied to food).

And that's what hit me the other day. I was driving home from work after a successful day and I was feeling pretty good and thought, 'Hey, I feel good '....... Oooooerrrrr........ Danger danger danger!!! This is one of those times when, perhaps you've done something stressful and come through it all - you think 'I deserve a reward'. My oh my. It took all my strength to avoid going to Sainsbury's kiosk. I sucked and sucked on the ecig and made it past Sainsbury's.

And the last sentence says it all - sucking on them like they are 'it'..... is kinda dangerous. I find myself stocking up on refills and batteries...... Mustn't run out..... mustn't run out...... need them....... So how long is *this* going to go on for? Am I now a slave to the ecig? How do I cut *that* down? Then again, I think..... ahhhhh.... this is the mind's way of sneaking up on you as if to say 'Well, you're still addicted - so you might as well smoke - especially if you can get a reward for your hard work'...... etc etc..... Cunning mind.

Wife smoked her last ever ever ever ever cig two days ago. Then she got up this morning and asked me if I had any cigarettes. Me thinky two days ago not righty right.

I say... as I suck on the damn ecig....... Well it's something good. For now at least.

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Meer, well done for passing up Sainsburys!!!

I feel your pain – but don't try and lay out the road in stone just yet. Take pride in that fact you have given up cigarettes!! That is wonderful!! But be patient, the entire journey is going to take time.

Your just using e-cigs as a form of nrt to help get you through this massive life change. Once you get stronger and can more readily accept life without cigarettes, you can then wean yourself down gradually by reducing your nicotine in your e-cig, the same way one would wean down from using patches or gum. Take it one day at a time, give yourself credit for what you have accomplished thus far and it will all work out in the end:) Don't let the mind games convince you of anything else!!


Well done on not caving in and buying real cigs. You and your wife quiting around the same time is good because you can try to support one another and can recognize when to leave each other alone. Keep fighting, it's a bit of journey but we're all betting it's worth the price in the end.


Thanks for those wise words of wisdom. Yes, it's important not to rush things and to accept that it is a major change on a long long road of 'recovery'.

My wife is struggling to make the change. The other day she had a packet that her brother gave her. Some excuse.....

My thoughts just now on the ecigs, are that over the coming weeks I can start reducing my reliance upon them during periods of activity. I'm already finding that I only use them when I'm at ease. Eg. Watching TV. Next will be not using them when driving, for instance.

So, it's all looking good.

Thanks for the responses.

Reply seems your mind is locked on your stop smoking.

I agree everything looks good and you are taking control..... and taking control is the recipe for success !!

Well done !!


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