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Patches And Vaping

I have done the patches thing about 6 years ago and did not work as my mental habits was to light up, the patches did keep me under control from having a full packet, say 5-6 a day instead of 20 but would like to know if i went back on the patches and started to vape with not having any cigarettes would i stand the chance of having a nicotine overdose

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Hi P2

I believe using patches and vaping will give you an overdose, you need to take off your patch if you are going to have nic intake, I found that there was no need for the patches if i am vaping ? If you are vaping enough why the patches ?


because i can not vape as much as i smoke more, if i had the patches i would probably go to nil cigs and then just vape if i have a craving


You got to do what you gotta do :)


Patches didn't work for me at all. I would smoke as well as I missed the actual putting the cig into my mouth. Cutting down didn't work either as I was counting the mins till I could have the next hit and if I kept them in the house I was in a constant state of longing. There is no easy way. It hurts like hell. But the satisfaction as each day passes - I marked every one on my calendar - is superb. If you don't feel cold turkey is for you, perhaps try gum and Ecigs (obviously not together). Really it is a case of finding what suits you best - and accepting that whatever you choose, it is probably the hardest thing you've ever done. You can do it!


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