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New User, Help Me Quit The Stinkys With Vaping

please could you tell me of ways i could decrease my cigarette intake daily and be accustomed to it as i have set a date and it is my birthday on 6th October. I have a cigalike and cool fire 4 to help me vape, but i am finding it hard if im not vaping i will smoke about what is comfortable to me in regards to about 20 a day. please could you give me advise on how to do this and if possible vape more

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Welcome and congratulations on making the best decision in your live.....:cool:

On Vaping and E - Cig's I cant answer you but I stopped completely after 38 years @ 40 per day with the aid of Champix.

I never experienced that nasty side effects they warn you about and never craved a cigarette once I stopped ( Next week will be 3 Months)

So P2Pleon the choice is still yours but take the plunge to achieve your goal by 6 October.... We are here to support you !!!


P2, I roughly at the same time point in my quit as Hercu, I went cold trukey. It sucks but once your done your done, physical withdrawel is of course hard but I found the mental part harder, there for I choose to go crutchless, glad I did in retrospect but whatever you do that you feel will get you to the other side is what you need to do. Browse some of the forums on here and you may find specifics on vaping short of that check in every day or two and keep asking questions, someone will surely have been where you are.


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