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No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - even worse! lol

Hey, Day 6 has been disgusting!!! the cravings and anxiety are unreal. my body feels like an alien creature that is unable to produce a number 2 anymore (sorry but its true) and this is making me feel bloated and toxic! I'm telling myself its 10pm there is no point in relapsing now, might as well see the day to the end and go to bed. which is what i will do. So far my only tactic not to relapse is to find a reason of why it is stupid to do it now an why i have to wait for another time,

I have an option B back up plan though. Luckily i have LOADS of ecig supplies so if WORST happens, then that will be my nicotine fix, not a real fag.

god sake. i didnt have a real fag for 18 months not long ago lol get a grip woman.

Anyways i like to talk to myself i cyber space (or anyone who will listen). peace out xxxx

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Hi nikki

I saw your post this morning and feel so much with you....and guilty that we (I) did not respond earlier.

I know you just want to tell some one how you feel and it truly helps.

Yes....That fist" hellish " week were our whole life is turned upside down and we wondered if it will be worth it.:confused: :confused:

The terrible rollercoaster ride of ups and downs are driving us crazy !!!!

Please stay strong and if an E-cig is the answer use it but never light up again (NOPE)


Nikki, to be blunt the #2 thing gets way better but takes a few weeks, after that you'll be like a swiss watch, lol.


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