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Day 4 - feeling fine to be honest

So its day 4 now of my cold turkey mission. I swear when the 72 hour mark came i could literally feel the last of the nicotine leave me, that horrible empty feeling you get 45 minutes into a meeting at work and you 'need a fag or im going to switch off' moment. My concentration has improved already, i feel happier, more energetic, just feel.....better! life without an addiction is all i want. drug addiction makes people selfish, self absorbed and moody, that goes for all drugs.

hoping not to go back this time. Going to live by my own saying 'be the change you want to see'. xxxx

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Absolutely wonderful Nikki – maybe your past experience, knowledge and spiritual guidance, has helped pave a smoother path for you - well done!!


Aaaaaaaahh... Nikki you have tasted the freedom......I am so glad for you because I know how wonderful that moment is :cool: :cool: :cool:

Stay strong as you are and you will glide through this one .....!!


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