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The devil finds work for idle hands......


So he's out of luck with me at the moment. I've been so so busy - hence no time to post here.

Just to let you know I am still off the cigarettes - even if I am on the patches and ecigs. I can go without the ecigs for a whole day 'time' - so that's interesting.

I do think though that it's going to take me several months to crack this habit completely.


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Nice going Meer!! Just keep busy, stay strong and hopefully you'll see those months materialize, sooner than you thought – Best of luck to ya:-)

HercuValued Contributor

Keeping busy is the best medicine.... you have got it under control and well done ...!!

I spent a busy day........ sleeping. Well, at least there aren't any temptations then.

My wife arrived home and ............. offered me 'one' from her last packet ever ever ever. I declined.

Seems I'm rather enjoying not smoking. And the pious attitude I can air.

Night shift tonight. So I slept in and then set to work doing all the household chores. When I'm doing the ironing I find myself mulling over things. And at the moment, apart from the job, I think a lot about how this non smoking is going.

I know where/when I've tripped up in the past, so it makes sense to avoid those gotchas. Probably No. 1 on the list to fail is to 'run out' of whatever NRT I've been using. So you get in a situation where you cannot get (say) Eci refills and you say to yourself, 'Oh well, then I'll just have to buy a pack of ten until I can get the refills.'. That's always taken me back to smoking full time. Then there's the 'argument'. You have an argument with somebody, and cave in as a result, blaming the other person for it. Hard to avoid this one other than to avoid any sort of stressful situation. Then there's the unexpected. People use that phrase 'Expect the unexpected'. Well that's rubbish because if you then expect it, it's no longer unexpected!!!

I'd love to know what the 'unexpected's' are. What invalid reason is there to smoke one cigarette? 'I just fancied one', 'I couldn't do it', 'Everybody around me was smoking', 'The children were winding me up', 'I was drunk'.

I was walking through Sainsbury's car park this afternoon, and whilst I do not have a particularly heightened sense of smell, I sure could smell cigarettes being smoked somewhere around me. It didn't tempt me. I did feel a bit guilty that that is the odour I'd been puffing out for so many years.

What this all boils down to is, at the moment it's easy to not smoke. So I'm errr....... expecting the unexpected....... Something will come along and *try* to trip me up. I must be alert and aware to this threat. Let's see.

HercuValued Contributor

Meer... You are doing extremely well in this quit.....;)

Your mind is set to win this one and you will....Yes expect the unexpected.....but if the unexpected happens it must not be a excuse to smoke again.Stay strong and focused....!!

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