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I'm so sorry


First of all, my main language is not English, I'm sorry for my sentences.

I hadn't smoked a cigarette for four weeks. But just now, I lighted a cigaratte. I couldn't smoke it. It wasn't delicious and its smell is disgusting. That was really bad moment for me, now I feel much helpless :( I'm sorry for me. I'm asking myself why did you smoke a cigarette... Please help me, how can I save my life from smoking?

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Ares, don't do that again. It's that simple, just don't light another cigarrette evre again.


Try not to worry Ares. You tried a cigarette after 4 weeks. You didn't like it. You haven't had another. You're still a non smoker!!

Don't give yourself a hard time because of one tiny moment. Forget it and congratulate yourself on how well you're doing.

Good luck and take care x


Ares - Your doing fantastic!! 4 weeks is amazing!!! - and don't be sorry for your anything – your language is yours and you should be proud of it, you spoke beautifully. We are just a hodge podge of peeps here from all over the world- and we definitely got your message loud and clear!! You quit and then smoked, but you hated it and so you won't do it again right?? :) Besides what would be the point, if it didn't do anything good for you, why bother again. Just consider it to be an experiment that didn't work!! Like Canwes said, just don't do it again and you'll beat this!! It really is that simple :):)


Hi Ares, yes please be very happy that you were so successful in 4 weeks, that is brilliant, well done.:) Keep yourself busy and happy and positive, reward yourself for each day you don't smoke, be proud of yourself because you are incredible if you can kill the addiction....keep up the good work and your written English is very lovely..:) write again soon..


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