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Off to a good start


I put the patch on the night before my first day, and judging by how I felt when I woke, it was the right decision. I normally stagger out onto the terrace for my first cig as nothing can take greater importance. In the past when I've quit I've found first thing in the morning to be the hardest. This morning, I was pretty much fine although I did need to distract myself by switching the TV on whilst the kettle boiled.

I found that I was pretty tired an hour later. So, because I could, I went and lay down.

For the rest of they day I was generally pretty ok. I only felt triggered by certain situations. Eg. Coming out of the supermarket. Arriving home. After a bath. (!!!). After dinner. After doing the washing up. All these times were when I would automatically go for a cigarette whether I wanted one or not. These trigger points only last for a couple of minutes, and are therefore easy to overcome.

I put on a new patch at midday because they were supposed to last 16 hours. So the next patch will be this morning, and after that I'll try to stick (!!!) to a patch each morning.

All in all, an easy start. But will it stay like that.............?

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Good job meer! It's funny isn't it, how those trigger points happen. I didn't realise until I quit how automatic my smoking had become. One before AND after dinner/bath/doing anything at all, seemingly...

But you're breaking those triggers already - be stong, be proud and keep it up :)

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