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Hello again

Well here I am back on day 3, was all going so well went nearly 8 weeks at beginning of year, then I don't know what happened, I got bored, bored of fighting the craving, bored of not smoking, bored of trying not to smoke, so I gave in!!! Life seemed so much easier, I wasn't having the constant voice in my head just have one, like I say I was bored and fed up trying to fight it. However smoking doesn't make me feel better, so going to take it slower this time, on patches for as long as i need (last time only went 5 days, then cold turkey). I go too Florida in 8 weeks and I'm adamant I won't be smoking there, wish me luck x

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Hi Jess :)

Well done you for getting back on the horse! Taking it slower sounds sensible - I think having an aim for Florida sounds like a good plan, too :) Am properly envious, by the way!

I'm sure you can do this Jess - be strong! x


Like incy said. Failing is not a problem as long as you try again.

Life seemed easier because it was easier. Its so easy to stay an addict. Quitting is hard.

But you can do this, we all can. Life will once again be easy, and it will be alot longer too :)


Hi Jess

Good to hear from you, I wondered how you were doing. You can do it and I'm sure you'll be smokefree for Florida because you want to be x


Jess, your description of why you started again made me chuckle, it's sooooo true, it's easier to just smoke....for now. Long term the picture is quite different. I wish you renewed strength as you go at it again. Best of luck.


picking your self up and starting againis great choice, i to used the pach method, but tailored it to my own needs, if youkeep riding those waves,they will ideed become less and less

keeping finers and toes crossed this is the quit for you, just keep going,


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