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What a Life after six weeks !

HercuValued Contributor

Geepers......6 weeks without a cigarette :):):):):):)

The half smoked packet on top of my fridge where I left it on the day of my final quit six weeks ago @ 09h10 is becoming a distant memory and part of the furniture.

I have forgotten the first two weeks terrible weakness without Zest, Oemf, Guts, energy etc...etc

I called it NAFI (No Ability F$#*@#l Interest)

Yes....I can forget but it will take a long time to forgive myself for mutilating my body and brain with this addiction !

Every day without smoking is a new discovery of what life should be and was before I took up this terrifying habit 38 years ago.

I have excepted the fact that I will never feel like a 20 year old again but I am glad I am not feeling like a 80 year old at my age anymore :D

I except that I will always be a smoker that have chosen not to smoke.........

On the Quitsa health monitor my craving is on 54% and energy levels only on 38%

If the craving scale is correct I am over the hill with that part and very confident that I will manage the other 46% because I want to.....

If the energy scale is correct I am on cloud nine because it means that I will have 62% more energy in the near future....

Wow...... must be careful that I do not try to take over the world by that time ;)

Oh....Yes and I have added 14 days to my live to do just that if I want to :D

Really... life is good, smells good, taste good.....

My project is nearing completion and Summer is only 1 month away.... Oh man... I'm gonna bash that waves without the shortness of breath !!!!!

Or coughing my way threw.....

Once again to my forum "family", thank you so much that you took part in my quest to stop smoking.

Melli, the good and healthy advice and support is 99.999% of my current success.

I could name you all.....Canves,Karri, Incy Wincy,Jillibean Sammi etc .. Thank you.!!!!

My own family's support is priceless.

Stay strong and together we will put the Nicodemon on it's deserved place : Distant memory in the dustbin.....

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We are all in this together and it's nice to know that we can kick and scream whenever we feel like it on this forum as family members sometimes do,we are all watching over each other and it's all for a good cause,

HercuValued Contributor


I have thanked you but once again thank you, It make it so much easier to know there is always someone behind you.......

Great post hercu :) we got your back

Congratulations Hercu. I can really appreciate what you went through as I'm still trudging along myself. Still having cravings though and i'm not sure i can eat anymore and at times I feel really sad that I won't be smoking again. However I am no longer the only outcast in work sneaking out to calm my addiction......... now i'm the last one in the canteen. Not really we don't have a canteen, but does anyone have a solution for this eating. Good luck Mandy

Hercu we are all so proud of you we really do have your back, keep going my friend 😘

Hi Mandy

I found I had to control eating as well I was never a big eater but now I find I am hungry all the time, I now have a new eating regime, for breakfast (I havnt eaten this for years) 2 pcs toast with jam, morn t 4 crispbread with cheese, lunch small dish of dinner leftovers :o) Aft T muesli bar and dinner a BIG meal, if I still need to snack during the day peanuts work for me, sorry for the long post peeps but if it helps 😀😜

HercuValued Contributor

Thank you so much Mandy and Jillibean

Yup..... the eating is a tender subject.........I am in the fortunate position to live a very active life and has always been on the lean side.....Although in the past year I have lost to much weight and that frightened me so much that I went to see a doctor and was warned of COAD which contributed to my weigh loss. I am 1.7 m in my socks and dropped to 60 Kg.

And then I quit.......and rediscovered my senses smell, taste etc and started to eat healthy foods and Chocolates !!!!!!! (lots of proteine) and gained 6 kg so far. I should weigh 70 kg.

But as Jillibean said eat healthy and on time and reading on what is happening to us when we quit you will see that our brain needs the happy chemicals and when we stop giving it nicotine the next pleasure is eating and we must be careful not to become addicted again.......Be strong on the eating crave as you have been on the smoking ..... Strongs

HercuValued Contributor


Thank you so much but please do not underestimate your massive contribution to my "success" so far.

I wish that every person who want to quit, join this forum and find people like you with good advice and supportive answers.

Once again Thank you very, very much xx

i so enjoyed reading this post, so refreshing, as tney say in my nec of the woods GOOD JOB, Well done to you have a treat you deserve it.

amazing isnt it when indeed we realise, that not only have you wanted to quit, but infact you have, fantastic

HercuValued Contributor

Tracey....Thank you very much. I appreciate it so much coming from you who is already more than a year smoke free.

It is such a wonderful journey to rediscover every small detail which make us happy...... and we didn't even noticed it while we were smoking.

Thank you once again.....!!!!

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