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thoughts on soon to be day nine

Here's my first stupid thought. Why did I tell everyone I was trying to quit?? If I hadn't, I could have a sneaky fag now and then and no-one would be the wiser.

Really would love a cigarette tonight. Spent a few hours with a smoker outside a pub.

It was fine, no desire, until I came home, hence my idea of becoming a secret smoker or a secret non smoker, depending on the circumstances!!!

I'm 51. My mother asked me today how it was going. I told her it was over a week and she said..'well, you'll have to keep going now'

NO, no, I don't. I don't have to do anything!!!

I feel like a rebellious teenager.

Another thing, a couple of people have said to me 'your skin looks better'. What?? I've got great skin....or so I thought

What to believe?

Anyway, these are just random thoughts. Not smoked. Will not smoke tomorrow, that's the plan.

Hope everyone is ok x

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Ha ha sorry to laugh but sounds so like my mind. Seriously though you're doing great. Them thoughts are trying to pull you back in but they won't, you're strong and totally in control. You are pleasing yourself that's why your not smoking and the person at the pub was still a slave 😄😄💪


Yep, I've had thoughts like that, too!

And your skin is now an even nicer colour - even if it was flawless before, you lucky thing! (Mine is crap now - it went through a lovely radiant phase for the first month or so, but now I'm really spotty, so make the most of your lovely skin!*)

Keep it up elizabeth, your quit seems strong to me!

*PS Don't be afraid - my skin is probably rubbish because people keep throwing cake at me lately, dunno what that's all about, and I'm running more and getting a sweaty face yeuch! In other words, these are not smoking/not smoking related spots. They're just cake and sweat spots.Nice!


Skin improvement is something i noticed the last time i quit. I didn't even realise it was a benefit of quitting until people mentioned it.

Just one of the many reasons why quitting is the best way forward :)


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