No Smoking Day
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Now 200 + Plus Hours, Cold Turkey....It feels amazing and unbelievable

I am still not sure how long will I last but it definitely feels nice. Easy breathing, increased stamina, less cravings, good smells and no hide & seek with family (well they don't know I smoke for last 10 years). I thought it would be a good idea to post in here but I don't know why. I just did...

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Thank you for posting. We all want to hear success stories. Well done you.



Welcome to our forum, we all have something in common and we try to encourage each other, it is difficult there is no doubt about it, but posting on here for some reason definately does help and the more you post the better it seems 😛 keep us informed on how your going


Welcome! You are doing so well. 200+ hours!

How on earth did you manage to hide the fact you smoked from your family for 10 years!?


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