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Onto day 12

Hi guys just stumbled across this forum while trying to distract myself. Somehow ive made it to day 12 now and im pretty sure I can describe my average mental state as 'ready to ram a fork into my eye'. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on alternate stress relief?

My job is as a brewer and basically I tend to be pretty stressed at work anyway so adding the alcohol and the fact im around cigarettes all day all adds up to me about to snap at any moment.

When I see stress relief tips online its always drinking camomile tea and going for nice massages. Not entirely appropriate for a 6'2 bearded man from leeds. So if anyone has found anything that helps them get by id love to hear it!

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Breathing excercise, deep breaths in then slowly exhaled through pursed lips a lot like smoking. Come here as often as you can and read up on things. Walk yourself through all the reasons you know this is the right thing to do. Distract yourself anyway you can, excerise, talk on the phone, go places you can't smoke, have healthy snacks at the ready, gnaw on a 2x4 if need be, just don't smoke, ever again.


I'm taking L Theanine ....supposedly raises dopamine and relieves stress.

And Ashwaganda (sp?)

Look them up online. I bought mine from Amazon.

Also been listening to a quit smoking hypnotherapy cd.

I'm on day 9. Having mild cravings, but not stressed

Also...haven't done this yet this time, but gave a look at EFT (emotional freedom technique) on Youtube.

Loads of luck


And as Canwes suggests post your frustrations here!!


Thought of some more...

Bach Rescue in any pharmacy

L tyrosine ...another amino acid. Look up online

5HTP or St Johns Wort - good for mild depression, anxiety, low mood

Meditation. There's guided meditation apps or online. Good to switch off for a bit!!


And finally, why can't a six foot two bearded man from Leeds have a nice massage??

Book one!!

Have a great day😊


Distraction is definately the way to go, find something to take your mind off it, some hobby, walking, chewing gum, playing games on your phone, reading this forum, they are some of the ways to help you, I know it's not easy but it is doable, we need to hang in there and stay strong, post often it really does help.


Congratulations on day 12!

Like the others suggested - stay busy. You will still think about smoking - but its gonna be a little bit easier :)


Guys . This the third time I am quitting. Around 3 years back, I quit for 1 Year , than around 6 months back, i quit for 80 days and now again I have not smoked for 12 days. You know it was only 1 puff that got me back to smoking. I know that now and will never touch this damn thing again.


candid11, let's hope it sticks this time. Glad your not giving up trying to quit, that's key.


Thanks Canwes, This is exactly the reason I am here :) Motivation as well as praise for the accomplishment.


Hi Candid.....Yes they say never quit quitting !

And Mark Twain said " to quit is easy I have quit hundreds of times"

With your endurance, some day you will win it.....Stay strong in this one !


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