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4 days till I quit everything

Hi everyone , what a great informative and supportive forum this,

I'm 30 years old and I have smoked drank and eaten seriously unhealthy for the past 15 years . I have tried giving up drinking and smoking several times before and I have reached the conclusion that in order to succeed I need to give up smoking drinking and unhealthy eating at once to change my life. So come Saturday I will be stopping my 25 a day smoking habit , giving up alcohol and starting a healthy eating diet. I can't wait !!

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Tall order, good luck.


Welcome. That's a lot to take on, but very admirable goals.

Have you planned a strategy??


Good goals please keep us updated regularly, we are all here to support you


Welcome abouttime!

Sounds like a great amount of change is planned. You're gonna feel amazing when you are done!

Make sure you come back on saturday (or before!) to let us know how you are doing!


Got most of it planned all smoking stuff is being smoked on Friday and any alcohol around is being drunk on Friday ( should be a good last day!) and I'll finish the evening off with one good takeaway !, Saturday will consist of meal planning and shopping for healthy foods whilst trying to sort a fitness plan out


I kind of did everything at once, too, About-time, and it's worked so far :) What I didn't do was healthy eating, not at first. Well, I did, but the healthy stuff was heavily supplemented by sweets and crisps for a little while, because anything was better than smoking. I changed so many routines - sat in a different room in the evenings, bought new smellies for the bathroom so I smelt completely different, stopped drinking wine (swapped it for moderate gin-drinking!), started running...Focussing on the health and fitness side really helped, because I was immediately able to see how much more able I was without smoking, and notice vast improvements very quickly.

I do wish you luck - bear in mind that if you have a BIG night on Friday food and drink wise, you're likely to feel quite sluggish on Saturday! It might not be conducive to organising a fitness plan :P And I can recommend getting a C25K app or some other fitness challenge you can follow.

Good luck!


(should be a good last day!)

Sounds like alot of fun (without the smoking!)


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