A Little earlier than expected... But I QUIT!

I was due to quit in a few days. But i was just smoking a cigarette and i had a moment of clarity.

I could not smoke one more cigarette. It was clear to me, that cigarette i was smoking was my last.

Feeling GREAT right now. (admittedly it's only been an hour!). I am READY for hell week, and heck week. and the rest of my smoke free life.

I will not smoke one more puff.


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  • Fantastic Sami. It might be tough, it might not not. One hour at a time x

  • Sami

    Well done in your decision to quit, as you know by the posts on this forum it is a hard road, but as Elizabeth said you may be just fine , are you taking anything or just CT, at least you know to post regular and however your feeling is always a good thing to let us know and help you

  • Thanks for the kind words guys :) Yup quitting cold turkey. Cravings hitting me hard today as expected but i am doing ok. I prepared for them and know they will end :)

  • Yay you go for it Sami. Fingers crossed you will get the same withdrawal symptons as my other half...........none, he has had absolutely none apart from the occasional urge for a ciggy when he is having a pint

  • How are you Sami?

  • Hope it's been a good day Sami x

  • Been going strong thanks guys :)

    Cravings are still strong, but totally dealing with them. I can usually get through the first month or so easy enough. I know the pain will end. It's protecting my quit in the long term i struggle with.

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