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Its so hard!!!

Hi! My name is Antonis. My journey to a smokeless life begun on February the 20th and it still goes on. I write this post mostly for the new members of this forum, the quitters on their first month who really struggle...

I want to say how much I can feel their effort....there is something heroic trying to overcome yourself. It is hard, hard hard! For me it has been the most difficult experience ever. It was really a martyrdom that left me with scars...but I still am. Maybe a bit crazier, maybe a bit singlier, maybe a bit fatter, but here I am smokefree!!

You might thing that you r not strong enough. That you will never gonna make it. That you cannot resist. But you can and you will. Because its either that, or death by asphyxiation. Thats the truth. So do not pat yourselves, be strong and soon you will see things get better. Do not prolong the martyrdom by giving in. Nope! Imagine yourself digging yourself out of a tunnel. The only way is forward.

My days of serious suffering lasted about three weeks. After that it got easier with bad days occasionally. Now its mot as if I have never smoked, but definitely easier. I lack the emthousiasm and thats why I need to be smart about it and never lit a fag. Every morning I say to myself "today you will not smoke".

The last thing I want to say is that in one of my early heroic posts I wrote about a sense of incredible power I had by quitting. This is something that still follows me and I am so grateful I have it. Its the power you have made it and you can be in control of yourself. That was the second big gift to me apart from the new, healthier life.

Be strong! Be hero!

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Very nicely put Antonis and congratulations on your sucess.


brilliant, well done Antonis...yes becoming a non smoker is truly powerful...embrace your strength every day...:)


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