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Hi all

Hi everyone - I have joined this forum as I want to quit (again). I was listening to LBC radio a few months ago and a lady rang in saying she had ordered a CD online and she has been smoke free for ages now. She said in the CD the man talks to you about smoking and even has you smoke as you are listening. Then at the end he says now light your last cigarette or something - has anyone had experience with this CD - if so - which one is it? Much appreciated!

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Hi Rima and welcome. No idea about this cd so I can't shed any light on that but I know you just coming here shows that there is desire to rid yourself of this smoking habit we've all come to love to hate over the many years. I'd suggest you read through these boards and see what others have tried and how it works for them. Myself I went cold turkey but that's my choice, everyone needs to find what works for them. Whatever it is get started on the quit, know it's going to have challenges and lean on us here for support when you need it. Good luck. Your on the right track.


Hi Rima

Welcome to the site, because you are here is because you want yo do like the rest of us - quit, you have come to the right place,As Canwes said the only person I could think of would be Allen Carr, I take it you may have lit up for the last time ? If not then you may need some assistance, let us know where your aat x


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