No Smoking Day
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Day 8

Yay I made it! Go me! I am very proud of myself. Into week 2 and nowhere near as many issues as I thought there would be. I'm not going to say it has been easy but I keep setting myself up for hell and find the days are not that bad. Craves are easily handled with a quick spray and I can carry on. And I have my weigh in tonight so all being well I will also be under 12 1/2 stones for the first time in forever. Wishing everyone a really good day (as good as it can be considering it's a Monday)

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Well done and Yes you should be damn proud Sir! :D This is your year Mark. You have wanted this for some time now and since your back on track - just never forget NOPE - Not One Puff Ever - then my friend you will have it made in the shade:)

Just Believe ...xx


Mark, I want the spray you've got :0)


Well, day is over. And I got my weigh in 12st 6lb. Wanna get to 11st 7lb then see how I feel. Goodnight all, see you for another smoke free day tomorrow.


top result...way to go...keep it going Mark..:)


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