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Anyone use Strava for tracking their running or cycling? Fancy a club?

I know that for many of us quitting and getting fit and active go hand in hand and that exercise was very useful to me as a diversion when the want for a smoke kicked in.

On my brewing forum we found that several of us were also cyclists, and most of us use the Strava app or cycle computer which can upload to the site so we set up a club on a Strava cycling club on their website.

It occurred to me that if there are runners and cyclists here who use Strava then having a Quitters club (or 2 I think they are either cycling or running) might be a bit of fun and help motivate each other to get and stay active.

For those that don't know Strava is a free app (there is also a premium version with more features) which you can use on a smart phone with GPS to track your running and cycling, it shows a map of where you have been, the speed, elevation gained and an estimation of calories burned. The clubs keep a weekly track of how many runs or ride you have done, your longest one and a total distance for that week. In addition to a smartphone app if you have a gps sports tracker such as a garmin or anything which produces a gpx or tcx file those can be uploaded to the site too.

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I use Strava cycling and Endomondo running. I'm awkward like that!


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