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Money well spent?

So yesterday I bought an activity tracking watch/hr monitor/distance/speed/running type thing. A bit pricey but if it keeps me off cigs and helps me actually visualize getting healthier then it may be money well spent. I did a short little run today just to try the device out and see if it synched with my pc and everthing the way it should. Like all electronics, there will be a learning curve, somehow missed recording half my run. Oh well no biggie I hope to get back to running regularily at least a little bit. It used to make me feel good and that's while I was a smoker. Now i"m hoping to see improvement over that. As I said it was a short run today, only 1.7 or 1.8 k or so but I know enough by now to go with baby steps. I should be okay doing another short run tomorrow, we'll see.

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Excellent... Rewarding your neurons in so very many ways..your brain and body will love you for it..even a little jog will get those endorphines started partying...ive just started power walking...I have a dodgy heart so running scares me...which makes my other half laugh because smoking didnt scare me.. long as we get it right in the end hey😃


I also have one, a Mio Fuse, IMO they are quite motivating in so much that to have data to review you have to do the exercise ;)

Mine also links to my cycling computer so I can get heart rate data to see along side speed and elevation data on that, but the downside with mine is that it doesn't link or sync to a PC just to an app on my phone, although I understand that the manufacturer is working on that.


Nic I have the Garmin 225 HR built into the wrist which is what I've been waiting for or maybe using as an excuse to push off the running until it came out, which is now. Somehow I missed half my run yesterday but I'll continue to fiddle with it over the next few weeks to give it a proper trial. This device does much more than I need however I really like seeing the HR/Speed/Distance all on one screen while running. Keep you posted.


I had one of those and yes a bit on the expensive side, but it was useful. I became a bit obsessed with it. I then made a very silly decision to test what it would record for a Bikram yoga never recorded anything ever again.


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