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15 minutes without thinking about a smoke

So since my quit (5 weeks ago) i have thought about smoking within minutes of gettig up in the morning. Not really feeling the physical need for a cig but rather just having the thought of a cig. Well, not that it's a really long time but this morning I went 15 minutes or so without even having the thought. To me this was some sort of jump in the process of quitting. I'm uncertain as to if it will repeat itself or how often or if the times get even longer but all this to say it was really nice to have those 15 minutes smoke and thought free.

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Yes I remember similar episodes which do get longer and more frequent...l remember going out for a meal with a group of my non smoking friends and realized only getting into the car that I had not even thought about was all pretty delightful until about 8 receptors ppl ayed a nasty trick on me in a desperate attempt to get a dopamine cant control your deep subconscious and .I drempt I started smoking again and when I woke up I felt distraught...I think the joy of the dream enabled the release of happy chemicals because ig was sooo hsrd to re focus.. like I was starting id forgot I was a non smoker now...this went on for was one of my brains best attempts so far and I admire myself for my control...for warned is for armed which is why im telling you as i had began to feel quite secure as a non smoker...I spoke yo a neurologist friend who suggested if the dreams come again yo take a small dose of phenergan at a small kids dose apparently it can reset your receptors...I love doing the experiments but dreams have not come back so didnt try still find it really hard to sot in a pub and not think about u say its not that I want one but my brain just remembers things sending unhelpful snippets...


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