No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Another day, another new post. I think, for the time being, I will keep posting individual days. It lets me keep a track of how I am doing. Noticing lungs are tighter first thing in the morning and I still have the stale cig taste in my mouth - may have to go to dentist for a good clean lol. Cravings are controllable and I always make sure I have my patch on and my spray in my pocket. As long as I am prepared I can get through it.

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One day at a time is a great approach. Weekend is here, stay strong.


I'm prepared to take on the weekend. Lots planned to keep me busy. Also keeping myself fully armed. I think it's going to be sheer determination: lose weight (doing slimming world and have stuck to it), stop smoking, improve my health in general so that my body belongs to a 34 year old rather than a 74 year old, which is how I feel sometimes.


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