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"loosing my religion"

helloo..thought i would introduce myself ..i am Melli Mel and although i am now 12 weeks of the smokes, i only quite recently started really struggling and found my way here...

you guys have helped me already with my previous post needing help to find my mojo/ ive still not found it but at least i feel secure in the knowledge that a fair few of you are going through or have been through similar ....

I have been smoking since i was 14 and although i have stopped numerous times over the last 15 years, (im 47 now), my failure in remaining stopped has never been the usual accidental smoke or drunken weakness, it was always well planned and a date set to restart often i didnt even want to but the choice to continue to live with a different personality became intolerable for the long term...

.I am trying a few different tecniques this time so am hoping i can reclaim my sparkly personality whilst being stopped and then i believe i will be smoke free forever....I would appreciate any feedback or opinions about what im embarking on....

Im gonna go for hypnotherapy on monday to try and reprogram my brain with images of me enjoying myself in situations which are always ciggy associated for me..the therapist has not had anyone come after they have stopped only to help them stop, but surley it can only help?????

the other thing is i have been doing some reading into how to naturally trigger more dopamine release in my brain as i feel like being a chronic long term smoker, i have probably buggered up my receptors with all that nicotine attatching and flooding my brain with dopamine.....(the feel good chemical)..and then when i stop smoking theres nothing attatching to open the dopamine gateway so am depleted of my feel good seems to return at different point for most people but i think maybe i need to help my receptors trying a health suppliment to enable more dopamine production, so i guess im a bit of a self research project at the

well if anyone has any ideas or experiences to share with me , i am all ears and would find any imput really helpful and if youre interested will enjoy keeping you updated on my experiments and 3 kids and a full time job in ICU, youd think i had better things to do with my time hey??, i just really want something to work..)

speak soon, regards, Mel, (Perth Australia)...x

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Mel by all means keep us posted as to how this unfolds for you. I think after all you are doing you will be the one giving the rest of advice. I admire your courage in continuing to see this through and not throw in the towel. Deep down you know it's the right thing to do. You don't want to be that grand parent that reaks of smoke while their grandchildren run up to them to give hugs.


Hi thanks Karri and Canwes......its funny, i have never removed smoking as an option, because in reality is is readily available and therefor an option...i used to think it would just be so easy if cigs were banned all together and we all had one big suffering and just got over it...choice taken away....maybe thats what i can do with my hypnotherapy...make me feel like smoking is NOT an option any more, because at the moment it is an option, one that i am not taking because i prefer the physically healthier did you convince your brain that smoking wasnt an option?

Thanks and speak soon, x


Hi Melli. Regarding the 'no option''s is one I recognise as being vital to not smoking. As long as we leave a window open, even a little bit, it has a chink to get back in. So it is a thought change. There is no option. It's one I struggle with still and I'm 16 wks in this evening.


ok walkabout can we be a little philosophical about this no option buisness....i dont get it, like to always believe i have a choice, an option and then it i who is choosing the option not to do the filthy deed..I can smoke and bring forward my death and remain controlled or i can take control, have a battle and challenge for a while and then hopefully live to see my grandkids.....

surely if you feel you have no choice, no option then that makes it feel forced upon you and human nature is to fight what is forced, fear what is forced and grieve what must be taken away..Surely when you know you have the option, but YOU, that is clever, strong and dedicated you, chooses not to smoke, then thats an accomplishment, an achievement, a damn feel good reward deserving choice ...!!!

....rewards are essential i believe...happy chemicals are released when we achieve reward...chocolate is good with me....not loads, just more than i ever used to have...and those expensive lattee coffee indulgence has cost me 8kgs +, but hey if i make 6 months i might reward myself with a personal


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