Day 4

What's sad is that I can actually see my post from last week just below this one. But, no regrets. I am now back on day 4 and looking forward to it. Usually day 4 is my problem day so I am embracing it. I have a patch on, spray in my pocket and, just in case, an e cig as well. I am determined to get through this day. I already have £45 in my no smoking tub - it's amazing to think how much money I was literally burning.

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  • Well done! We can get through these first few tough ones and i then gets easier!

    I have an E-cig too. A non nicotine one, I actually used it last night cause i was drinking! Not the same at all. But some thing to do I guess!

    The money thing is crazy. i went out yesterday to spend my first days cigs money (I said I'd buy myself a little treat each day for the first few weeks) I bought a packet of funky coloured highlighters and was horrified to be spending £8 on them until i thought I spend that everyday on cigs. I wouldn't spend that much on anything else everyday!!!!

    Keep the determination up and I'm sure you can do this!!!

  • Hi Mark

    Well done buddy, you can get through this day 4 knowing that day 5 is going to be better, you absolutely are well armed and if that's not enough get on here and talk to us until the craving has past, you can do this, you can do this, cheering you on

  • Well done Marky boy. You can do this!

  • Hey guys. Day going well so far. A couple of small niggles but the spray sorted them right out. Heading into a meeting at 2 so will have other things to occupy me for a few hours.

  • Good going

  • So I got through day 4. And I'm so happy I did. Had a few cravings today but I knew to expect them so it wasn't a big surprise. I know there are still some obstacles to come but I'm sure I can get through them. Looking forward to day 5. Goodnight all.

  • Mark, don't drop the ball, you got this and your clever enough to know how to fight the cravings. Good for you, keep knocking those days off.

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