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Day 2


Thought i'd check in. I've actually had an ok time so far. Only a few physical cravings which were easy fixed with gum (normal not NRT cause i am going cold turkey). I did get up from the sofa while watching TV last night and went to teh balcony door before I realised I was going for a fag I didn't have. My husband thought this was hilerious. Bit worried about tomorrow, I remember day 3 always being the worst? And then the weekend to face (all alone as hubby is working!) Nort getting too relaxed about it yet!

Hows everyone elses Wednesday?

I'm off now to spend my smoking money for yesterday on some new stationary as a little treat!

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Your doing good, before you know it your first week will be behind you.



Never keen on day 3 myself or 4 for that matter but you know from previous they pass and it's a week before you know it so stay strong, chew gum, eat strong flavoured sweets and post read on here. The treat idea is good and picture how great you'll feel when to get a week. ( balcony story was funny .. Sorry 😉)


Well done on 2 days cold turkey. You are doing great so far. Don't worry about going for your 'non' fag, your body and brain is going to have a lot of habits and rituals to break. Just keep laughing about it and you'll be fine. I'm only a day ahead of you so we can keep each other on the right path. I am using nrt though but have a lot of respect for you going cold turkey.


Well done on going cold turkey!

I'm laughing at you heading for the balcony, I used to find myself heading to the kitchen window. It's amazing how programmed we become.

Kick day 3 in the bahookie tomorrow :)


Good going. Keep it up. Hoping D3 went well for you.


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