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DAY 19


Well I am still going strong although the craving have really calmed down I have now got a really irritating cough and blocked nose etc ..... cant decide if this is hayfever or whether i have a cold or if it is giving up smoking - i know it is stressing me out now as coughing had gone and now here it is back again xxx oh well hopefully will go soon - on plus side it is very nearly 3 weeks and that will be a month before i know it x

Any comments or reassurance that this is normal will be appreciated :-)

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Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

I'm going to say it's 'somewhat normal' to have cold like symptons after quitting. I say that because I had them around week 3 as well. No idea why, just happened. Lasted 4-5 days at most and never got really bad but I did have quite a bit of sinus pressure.

I had the same thing around the 3 week mark, soon cleared up

I was okay Sharon until about 4 weeks ago, and I'm sure that this is due to not smoking. I suppose we're all different, but with yours starting relatively early on, it hopefully will stop soon. Good going with not smoking though.

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