2 years done!

Who'd a thunk it! Yes...I am 2 years and a couple of weeks nicotine free! I have finally been diagnosed definitely with COPD...no surprise there...(2 years to the day I quit....pretty ironic!)...but the good thing about this is that it has made me absolutely kick those damned cravings into touch. Going back to cigs would be suicide....so....although my health is pretty vile, I will be absolutely determined never to let that poison into my lungs again! Keep the fight going...if I can do it, anyone can.

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  • Well done sophie, two years is a fantastic achievement! It's lovely to hear the lasting success stories...but sad to hear of your diagnosis. I hope you can find a way to manage the copd - wishing you all the best xxx

  • Oh Sophie – sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but kudos to you for being smoke free for 2 +years!! Thanks for sharing your story with us, its always wonderful to hear these successes so we know it really can be done, but also serve a reality check of what smoking can or might already have done to us. Very Inspiring, Well done and best wishes to you

  • Hi only just seen this, wanted top pop my head in to say CONGRATULATIONS, so sorry to hear about copd, but your so right to have kicked this habit into touch.


  • Thanks for coming on and posting, Sophie. Sorry to hear of your COPD. Pleased to hear of your quit being successful. I am sure it has to be a benefit to your health that you no longer smoke. From a financial perspective obvious gains.

  • Well done Sophie, two years is brilliant. Sorry to hear about the COPD but it seems it re-inforced your determination to stay smoke free. :)

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