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Hi I'm irenee just joined to-day.I notice a lot of you here mention Allen Carr I've read book easyway twice but seem to be missing something .Can anyone tell me the difference between the willpower method and the easyway method. Sorry if that sounds stupid but I just cant seem to grasp the difference and was wondering if any of you experienced this or is it just me.

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Hi irenee :)

What an interesting question!

I think the difference is the mindset, really. Willpower just involves doggedly saying no, no matter how much you want to smoke. Whereas the easyway taught me to be more positive - recognising that it wasn't ME who wanted to smoke, but the addiction: recognising that I had no control while I continues to smoke, and that quitting gave me back that's hard to explain. Easyway does involve willpower too. But it gave me other tools to use as well...

Allen Carr's didn't work straight away for me either though. I read it a couple of times, and could see that it made sense. But it was another couple of years before I actually got strong enough to quit...

I feel like I haven't helped! I hope you find a way through - I can tell you with absolute certainty that visiting this forum helps enormously, whether lurking and reading old posts, or joining in and chattering with everyone. So welcome aboard! xx


Hi Irenee

Welcome, Incy hit it on the spot Allan Carr talks about the mind set of the issue whereas Willpower doesn't focus on anything but what you are willing to do, does that make sense. ?

Trust me we are all here for one purpose only, some of us have used the Allen Carr remedy ? Some have gone cold turkey but at the end of the day we all want to reach the ultimate goal, no more smoking, in this forum you can expect some to have faltered but are back on track and some who have stuck to it through thick and thin it really doesn't matter but main purpose is that you are making an attempt, and we will all encourage you to continue in your goal until you think you have succeeded what you set out to do. Hope this Helps


I read Allen Carr a couple of times and whilst I never felt the elation he promised I do think it definitely changed the way I felt about smoking and I'm glad I read it. Most of the battle of quitting is physiological and if you can change the way you think about cigarettes it really helps. Use whatever method works for you it's the end result that matters not how we get there. Good luck with your quit


I agree, I felt cheated not having that elation:-) I too am glad I read it , it did help put a different spin on how I thought about smoking.


Hi, a huge welcome, as Incy says a very interesting question, for me read what ever, and when you have a light bulb moment, then you know your reading the right words to suit you!!!

I hope to look forward to your future posts, please try, you ca n do it, you can


Thank you all so much .I'm now going to read the book again keeping all that you have told me in mind. I will let you all know what happens, thanks again.


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