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11 weeks


How time is flying by, 77 days and 3 hours since I stubbed out that last cigarette. it seems like yesterday I was posting my 7 day achievement and wishing I was where I am today not quite believing I could stay the course. Now, despite the odd bad day like yesterday, I am very positive I shall get to that elusive penthouse. There are more good days than bad, and I have survived stress, drink and dining out without smoking, something 3 months ago I wouldn't have thought possible. I am convinced that if you truly believe you can beat this dreadful addiction you will. So for those still really struggling just believe in yourselves and we will all be partying in that penthouse next year probably wondering what all the fuss was about.

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Wow nearly a whole 3 months, truly fantastic, I so hope you realise all the hard work has been yours, you deserve a treat or two!!

Sticking my neck out here, but I have a twinkle in my eye you will indeed make the magic penthouse.

Keep going my friend, brilliant job

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Very well said, my continental friend :) Congratulations and here's to the next ** weeks! (I put the number of weeks till penthouse here, but it's too big, and I didn't like it! But they're passing more quickly all the time!) :)

Yes!! Well done and well said, believing in yourself is everything. Although I'm a ways behind you, I do look forward to sharing a glass of wine with you in the penthouse next year!

Staying strong with this Spanish Eyes. Very well done. It is quite unbelievable when considering how it all was at the end of week one. And you´re right, more good days than bad. Congratulations

Well done Spanish :)

Congratulations, a fantastic achievement :) I love how positive you are.

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