No Smoking Day
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Shhh head shhh

Well back here I am just been reading the last time I was here :-) couple of slips last time but none this time but must say the last couple of days have been a head bash of thoughts, the " wow doing well maybe I will have one to remind me why I don't want to" err NO and even worse the thinking oh I'm doing well, I will treat myself to just one ??? seriously again a big NO hardly a treat is it? Although I have to admit to having lots off god I fancy one....a bit like the feeling of fancy a chocolate strange thoughts this stopping incurs but still going still plodding along with a huge Nope in my head x

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GreAt alls going well Shelly, will keep my fingers crossed in the hope you have a good day to day.

Just keep plodding, what ever your doing, it's working, doing fantastic


Hi Shelly

If I can be strong like you I have no doubt that eventually I will quit, have chronic bronchitis every winter so obviously it's time for me to take this seriously,

Love all the posts and support that's given to others, keep posting and keep staying positive


Well done Shelly, you are doing amazingly well! You ARE getting there.... deep breaths and as you say, keep reminding yourself why you are doing it (even if it doesn't make much sense to you at the moment - it will soon).

I read something this morning that hit a nerve with me:

How deeply saddened I am to watch you slowly destroying yourself and spending lots of money doing it. Have you any idea of the pain that you are causing me and your children? Do you realise how incredibly selfish you are being?...How would you like it if I started doing to my body what you are doing to yours?' (Allen Carr).

I sort of turned it around and imagined young children in my family smoking and how I would feel..... I also try to imagine feeling sick when thinking of ciggies/smoking. As I am on champix my morning tablet does make me feel a little sickly so, as soon as I feel like this I grab a handful of dogends and start sniffing for a few minutes - I am hoping to teach my brain that smoking/ciggies make me feel sicky (associative learning).

Keep going.... anything that works :)


Great news Shelly that you are back. Just remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by resisting those urges to smoke. You read the posts on here, you know it's sometimes painful but doable, no gain without pain as they say. You CAN do this I know you can, believe in yourself and keep saying NOPE


Thank you and yes it's just strange how these thoughts pop in ,bUt don't worry I have no intention of following them, it helps to write them on here too makes you realise how very silly they are even more :-) plodding on still


So true! .


Nice going Shelly!! Just keep bashing them evil thoughts down when they pop in and you'll beat this thing once and for all.


Good going Shelly. I still get those thoughts you describe, and I just have to dismiss them, again, and again, and again. But it´s not been that painful doing that. Keep up with this. You are doing it.


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