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Having a bad day

Got up this morning feeling jittery and anxious and all day have been having thoughts of wanting to smoke. Not craving just a feeling of wanting to smoke. I have kept busy and done all the usual deep breathing and drinking water, yet it persists. bath and early night I think and hope tomorrow I'll be my normal self, no matter what I will not smoke.

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Hi Spanish, this is the difference between , success or failure , but I can say tomorrow is a new day please don't go back to day one, you will hate your self.

Whatever you do, it's a moment in time it will pass, it will, hold tight read and post, keep going this is the moment, you decide, don't smoke

You are asset to the forum, we have bad times, but if you keep going, you will have survived this upset.

Your amazing, have a drink go to bed, just push through, your going strong hold on, you can do this


I agree Spanish hang on tight and you will come through your an inspiration and you've got through loads on your road to freedom, this is just another glitch hang tight and ride it out the sun is shining the other side xx


Me too Spanish, must be something in the air!! and I pinky swear that I won't smoke either :) Here's to tomorrow - happy days for everyone!!


Not a chance that I'll smoke it's just a nuisance but I know it will pass. I could never go back to day one again.


Aww Spanish, that's crap for you :( So glad you worked through it, well done. I almost caved myself today, I was on a country road and a guy came round a blind bend on the wrong side of the road, it fairly shook me up and a cig was all I could think of for a while after it.

Must be the day for it right enough, I'm proud of us all for saying NOPE :)


Spanisheyes! Unbelievably, I too have been wanting today - and I thought about the difference between craving and wanting (who was it that pointed that out the other day? Was it you, Shelly?)

and it was definitely a rebellious want, rather than a crave. Weird. Good work all of us for saying nope!



..................and Spanish........................we are at a similar point. I had a bad day last Thursday, and you're having one now. Really, you just (:eek:) have to grasp it and draw out whatever resources you have. Novelty gone, you're into this now. This is our lives. Shitty and testing, but carry on. You're my stable mate.......................pressure on you....................and even more pressure on you.................................Breathe, and breathe, and breathe, sleep if need be.


You are there! You've done it! You are a non-smoker! :) Those feelings are not (as you recognise) a crave, or are they a want but something else - when you feel this way do/eat something you absolutely love doing eating. Pair those 'strange' feelings with something really lovely and something you can easily access. Those 'strange' feelings can't possibly be physical anymore so they have to be psychological. It's your brain trying to make sense of the 'gap'.

Hope you are feeling better today.... I had this 'strange' feeling yesterday - I tend to read and/or suck pieces of chocolate and think of lovely things...and remind myself why I am doing this.... :)


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