The worst ex smoker in the world has somehow made it to 6 months

Really find it hard to believe I ever smoked. Just a bit bonkers and mind blowing that I puffed away for 30 years. How many handbags and shoes could I have enjoyed?

I've got rid of cigarettes, a horrible stressy job, and a few friends that weren't friends. I now have a lovely job, work less hours, and am smoke free. Giving up smoking has given me the motivation to change stuff I didn't like in my life, it was as if being a smoker de-valued my self worth. Now I know I am fabulous!

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  • Congratulations Caroline, will be a distant memory in no time, make sure you keep it that way and NOPE

  • Caroline I SO love your post. I'm really glad for you that you have changed your life!

    inspired 💛

  • Amazing Caroline. You are such a support to us all on here x it's really important the point about self worth, it's one of the best bits about quitting. I agree it makes you feel like there's no reason not to tackle other things you want to change. Really really pleased for you 🎈🎉😀

  • Awesome stuff Caroline :) Love your life changes - good for you! And I haven't changed much, but I do feel a lot more self-respect, so I know where you're coming from I think :)

    Keep up the good work lovely lady x

  • Ah, I wondered how far you had achieved with your quit. Six months. Great going, and you've been bringing in other positive changes. Congratulations to you. You've got this one!:D

  • Great achievement and an inspiration well done

  • Sorry it's been a difficult week.

    So just wanted to say, BLOOMING FANTASTIC. so pleased for you, how far you have come,

    Another success I,m sure

    Well done you

  • Thank you so much for your post, you are one special lady xxx

  • Thank you all for your lovely words, it means so much to me xxx

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