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Running for our lives!

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Hey, lovely quitters :)

So, I've been running since I quit. And on Sunday I ran, and I felt so great when I got back that I signed up for a Cancer Research Race For Life - it seemed fitting as it's quite possible that without my dad dying of all the cancers, I might never have found the strength to quit smoking and get moving. So.

It's on the 12th July in Salisbury, plenty of time for me to get to the end of C25K and be certain I can do the distance!

I'm not touting for sponsors. But, you know, if you'd LIKE to, I'll be happy to give you my justgiving page details ;)

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Incy!! How fabulous are you??!! Having just made the long trek from the living room to the kitchen for a large piece of cheese as a snackette, imagine my shame at catching sight of your post!!

I'm sure your dad would be proud as punch of you, I didn't realise that he had inspired your quit, what a tough journey you have had, but so great to be putting all your energy into such a positive cause.

I'm so impressed that you have been running, how did you get started? Did you run before? How far do you go? Tell us all basically xx

Would love to see the just giving page Incy. Amazing that you are doing it at same time as quitting. Must feel good though. My walking is a buzz so can't imagine what running would do for me. I'd think I was 12 again.

Great going Incy. What distance are you going to do on the 12th July?

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Good for you, its amazing what we are capable of when we quit the coffin nails!

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Aw thanks all :)

Hattie - I hadn't really run since school 20 something years ago (except for the odd wheezy jog when determined to get fit for about three days every year or so!)

I'm only running the C25K app, so nothing huge, but it feels great to be able to do it and still feel good at the end! I'm on week 7 and I can currently run 2.5 miles and still feel like I could keep going (I'm not doing though, coz I'm scared of getting cocky and hurting my knees!) Might move on to the 10k app afterwards. But we'll see :)

The one I'm doing is just a 5k, nothing scary! Walkabout, it's given me a real push to keep up with the app, are you still running too?

AnnMarie, here's my link :)

Love you all!

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