Last cig 23rd November 2014

That means it was 5 months yesterday and just thought I'd check in. Still having my ups and downs and still saying, 'Today I won't smoke.' But the overwhelming feeling is that of relief. Relief that I can breathe better; relief that I don't have to sneak off for a cigarette and relief that I'm doing the best thing I ever did for my health. I went to visit a friend and her newborn baby today and I can't begin to say how good I felt about not smelling of smoke when I held the wee cutie. So, while I struggle, I hold onto all of the good things and they far outweigh the desire for a cigarette.

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  • Fantastic news well done I'm still on day 11 so early days can't wait to get to your stage xx

  • May i say Betty, how fantastic you are doing! It is indeed so wonderful when off the cuff you go or see some one, not having to done a hour in the shower, to get rid of that stake smoke smell!

    Blooming fantastic, doing great, just Keep going

  • Agreed re friends with babies Betty - my friend's expecting any day now and it's great to know I won't be stinking when she comes :)

    Congratulations and stay strong xx

  • Hello Bettymacboo

    Was having a bad day yesterday and this post helped remind me to focus on what the good points are. They do Far outweigh any struggle. Well done you on keeping on.

  • Congratulations on your five months. An inspiration to those of us coming through behind you.

  • Lovely to see you're still quit, think we'll make it :) x

  • Thank you folks. Nobody said it would be easy but it all makes sense. X

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