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Witchy potatoes

WARNING: If you start thinking of these as Witchety Potatoes, you may be hit with a massive earworm and find yourself humming 'the wichita lineman' for DAYS.

2 big baking spuds.

1 onion, chopped into teeeny bits

Little bit of oil.

Bout 100g cheddar or other yummy cheese

1 bag of spinach - think mine was 150g, or you can use frozen.

1) Put yer spuds in to bake.

2) Fry yer onion in a bit of not-too-hot oil (you choose, Or butter's great, but some of us are trying to cut down) till soft.

3) Grate yer cheese

4) Bung cheese, cooked onion and spinach in a BIG bowl and mix it up. Worry that ALL THAT SPINACH will be way too much. It won't.

5) Wait for yer spuds to cook. Have a cuppa, go for a walk, eat some haribo (delicious starter, I find)

6) When yer spuds are done, slice in half (helps if you've got really calloused hands.) and scoop the middles out. You've now got four potato skin cauldrons.

7) Mash the fluffy delicious spuddiness up in the BIG bowl with the other bits. And some chives, or whatever herbs you want. Pepper, probably. Give it some elbow grease, and by magic the spinach should wilt with the heat from the potato middles, and look more manageable.

8) Stuff the potato skin cauldrons with newly mixed innards, pack it in and heap it on, and shove em back in the oven.

9) Drink a nice G&T.

10) Eat. Magic. Best with my patented homemade un-tinned un-baked beans and a salad. Probably fab with bacon, you lucky carnivores.

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Another yummy recipe, loving this one. I,m a keen cook, but not vegetarian, that said I try to balance my food, meat free, some nights, love fish, coupe of veggie meals, I wish I knew more about vegetarian food. I am a very very keen juicer, sooo energising .


Tracey, I'm in a cooking frenzy at the moment - I started counting calories to fight the jelly-baby-weight I gained during my early quit, and while I'm not losing weight, it IS making me think more about nutrients, especially protein. I've discovered it's almost impossible to lose weight AND eat enough protein as a vegetarian. Someone feel free to contradict me and tell me the answer!

I don't do juicing, coz I'd rather chew my calories than drink them, apart from tea and gin, but I love the IDEA of juices and smoothies...


I love a smoothy with avacado, kale beetroot, carrot spinach, it's so creamy, I always have a green juice in the morning it cleanses you blood. Loads of nutrients, I have a smoothy at lunch sometimes alway with avacado as this is packed full of good fats ect, and with a smoothy you get all the fibre, then some wholesome protein within my evening meal. I,m learning our body's crave nutrients, but we have to be careful, so many bad additives to food with chemicals.

Will stop harping on it just my way of life


God I bloody LOVE avocados...mmmmmmm. Your smoothies sound super-healthy! Good work you :)