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Still going

Well I'm on day 9 have had a couple of slips but decided to carry on counting as they were learning curves my app says I've not smoked 279 cigarettes OMG they soon add up don't they ? I'm more positive today actually was awake almost an hour before the first urge hit using patches and lozenge but admit I have a 0 nicotine vapour with cherry flavour in just to give me something when I really really want one and working at the moment

Just been doctors aparantly my results are in but he doesn't know what they mean! Load of use and all worried again now but still not reaching for cig he says he's going to email them and ask what's what and call me so hopefully he will get a reply fast blinking weekends though so still be a few days

Anyhow just thought I'd check in and say thank you I wouldn't have got this far without the support xxx

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Shelly. What can I say? I am so proud of you, you have done so well to get back on that wagon. I can really relate to your desire to be completely off the nicotine (esp after reading allen Carr - it sounds easy doesn't it!?), but using nrt does take the edge off the cravings while you get out of the habit. It sounds like your worst time is in the morning so great you did an hour without a crave 😉 Woop!

We're all rooting for you!!!!


Isn't the app wonderful for a little boost Shelly? My favourite counter is the cigarettes not smoked one, I also love the money saved counter though!

We are indeed all rooting for you, you're doing so well. Hopefully the dr can sort it out soon! xx


It's great isn't it. I have not smoked an incredible 1474 cigs. Frightening in a way. Your doing great well done


So wonderful Shelly, I have everything crossed, all will be well, your doing fantastic, your mindset seems so very different.

Amazing lady


Congratulations!!! Great job!


Thank you xx I know the amount ive not smoked has actually shocked me I knew I smoked a lot but never really thought on a weekly basis sounds even worse like that my money save is only £20.50 at the minute as I hand rolled although doesn't include filters and papers but I did roll them thin haha had to save where I could


£20's not to be sniffed at though eh? And it's the other things we used to buy at the same time - like if I was going to the shop for tobacco I might as well get some crisps and a bottle of wine and oh I think the cat's nearly out of food so I'll grab some and look there's a special offer on tins of soup etc etc etc! Or was that just me? :o Anyway well done you!


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