A new first

Day 34.... This isn't my new first I've been here many times but what is my new first is the very stressful night I had with my heartbroken 18 year old daughter who split up with boyfriend and thought it was a good idea to go and get plastered in the local pub :(.....I have never been so worried in my life..... Up on the hour every hour checking she was ok because she vomited in her sleep...... Ordinarily in previous quits, stress of that level would DEFINITELY justify me to have a fag... But I didn't, it didn't even cross my mind until the aftermath today and I truly believe that's because I have now gone CT think it's 7 or 8 days now? Anyway, I'm waffling but just wanted to say hang in there folks , if I can really turn a corner in this serial quitting malarkey so can you :) xxxxx

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  • Well done you amazing woman! And :( for your daughter - they really go through it don't they, teens...mine is 15 next month, she's a source of joy and panic in equal measure!

  • Aw bless your daughter, brings back pInful memories, first love ect.

    But Donna this is great news, this is the one be very proud, getting through all that upset still smoke free, am sending you the queen crown for to day you've earned it, well done you ....

  • Well done Donna, I am so proud of you, that would have classed as must have a cigs on my books...so well done to you! :)

  • Your a real winner. Stress and worry I think are the worse triggers so doubly well done

  • Superb Donna, really difficult one and you didn't even realise at the time! Amazing. Hope your daughter is felling ok today x

  • Donna ....You really done well!!! I got an 18 yr old too. Never thought there would be so much to worry bout at this age ! Its awful when they're hurting. Hope shes ok.

  • Well done, I remember those feelings well lol, I'm having issues with my 14 year old, has totally fallen out with her bf of 13 years (our families are really friendly too), words were exchanged between me and bf mum last weekend, relations are frosty, my daughter couldn't care less about the friendship, her Bf has been really really nasty to her for years it's all coming out, my daughter has loads of other friends, but they honestly spent 13 together just the 2 of them, I'm stressed about the whole situation, my daughter is do over it lol

  • Something in the air with 14 yr olds - similar situation going on here. But then I've lost track of the amount of times my daughter's ditched her friends and moved on...and then moved back again...different times! When I was a nipper we used to fall out properly and hold a massive grudge for ever - my daughter's bunch seem much more inclined to forget! Hideous, I wouldn't be fourteen again for a squillion quid.

  • So well done. I cannot imagine anything being on a stress level like the well being of your child. That is a big hurdle.

  • Sounds like you've cracked it. It is so hard when your babies have their hearts broken :( x

  • Well done you!!!! Hope your daughter feels better soon x

  • You can do it this time. Is that 7-8 days without patches? If so that's almost a new record, and the back of your quit has been broken. Keep it up.

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