Isn't it funny, I had massive self belief from the beginning of this quit; I was SO determined that this time it would stick, SO convinced I could do it, SO utterly sure I wasn't going to give in,

and yet every time I reach a milestone I'm still a bit surprised? Surprised and delighted :)

So here I am in month two (feels a bit cheeky - month one was short coz of starting my quit in February...) and thought I would check out my new room. It's gorgeous - loving the window boxes.

Hope all the other residents of month two are doing ok - speak soon :)

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  • Well deserved month 2. Of course you should feel delighted, massive achievement x

  • This is all going fantastic and pleased and proud you should be, all your own very hard work.

    Well done you

  • Massive congratulations you have done so well:)

  • Hi neighbours :) I love the window boxes too but particularly loving the nice comfy beds, much better than the bunk beds in month 1 :) xxx

  • Bed may be a little TOO comfy - I've dozed away the last couple of hours - time to runaround for the rest of the day! x

  • Well done Incy, onwards and upwards x

  • So very well done. As my GP said this week when I complained of how much I'm sleeping 'well, at least youi're not smoking whilst you're asleep'. He has a point, and he did seem happy for me.

  • Totally true!

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