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almost day 17!

Hi everyone, just want to start by apologising for abandoning the forum for a few days...I was bit mixed up by some of the posts I read last week! I cant really explain it but it did make me wonder if I was right to let this forum become so important to me :-( and also I've had a bit of upset myself! I've still been keeping up with how everyone is doing though and I have to say (and it might sound silly but) I'm so proud of all yr achievements!! I dont care how many days you have done or if something has tripped you up....everyone has made so many breakthroughs and learnt so much about themselves that I think you're all amazing!!! I've had couple (really) hard times but they have been the emotional stressed out moments when the old habit nearly got me by "I need a'll calm me down" so far I've beaten it but since the voice on my head would love me to light one now I know I'm far from beating it!

Big hugs to you all!!!! Night night xx

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17 days so amazing, if quitting was easy no one would smoke, can you imagine if you were offered a nicotine sweet would you say yes please? I doubt it.

It is going to take a little time to adjust to the new smoke free you, but I can say each crave you have is one less crave for the future, you held strong in your quit, doing so very well, those early days just take so much energy t get through, but great news it does get much easier, untill you don't think of smoking.

Hope today is not to difficult for you, hang tight doing fantastic


Been a bit dramatic for me too! You are doing so well, and it is the early days that are hardest. For me, I would say the first 3 months I could easily reach for a fag, and the old triggers would resurface. However, from about 25 days plus they were not craves, I wasn't shoving my fingers in my mouth and becoming slightly psychotic!

I hope your period of stress is lessening, isn't it amazing what you can do without a fag! I can pair up a basket of odd socks from my 4 boys/young men! That was a mad trigger that bit me on the bum, ha ha! Happy that you are still around and going strong :) x


Ok....know I'm being stupid but why cant I post in general??? Know there are some cat lovers on here and I need some advice, my baby girl (the genuine alley cat) had a fit last Friday but vet didn't find anything from examination or blood tests!! I was advised the next step was an mri but we've discounted that as an option (not due to money, shes my baby and I would pay literally anything) due to her age!

Does anyone know why a previously healthy cat (bout 12/13ish) would have a fit suddenly?? Shes only had one that we know of but has been twitchy since!! I'm terrified to leave her alone, I'm so scared that I'm missing something! She seems Ok now but I cant forget seeing her like that! I've had a headache at work all week even though I know my other half has been with her...she really is my baby girl and I need help/advice I cant miss anything!!!! Xx


I can't post there either, report it.

I hope your cat gets the help it needs, it is sad when pets are unwell :( x


Hope your cat gets better soon. Our pets are so important to us. Stress has me wanting to smoke too, we have believed for too long that we can't cope without one, but of course we can.


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