No Smoking Day
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Day 5!!! :)

Can't believe I am doing this and all by myself!!!

My hubby is so proud and my girls (while they weren't that aware of me smoking) are already reaping the benefits!! It's funny how contradictive the feelings emotions are when quitting, yes craving can make you cranky and irrational but oh my goodness I wasn't aware at just how much nicotine saps the life, joy, energy out of everything!!

Applying this to yesterday's realisation that what I thought were my most enjoyed cigs, were in times of sheer happiness, excitement I think will be a major turning point in my quitting process. In short how can something that absolutely drains and kills the light in me can make any situation better!!

Hope everyone else is ok and that they have nice things planned for the weekend!! :) Vx

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Well done fellow day 5 quitter...feels great doesn't it...I think if I get through the weekend my confidence will be higher but feeling positive. Xx


That's an awesome post Vicky and it looks like you've sorted the psychology of quitting out already :)

With posts and feelings like that you have a brilliant chance to make this quit stick forever, and I can see you being such an asset to the forum come No Smoking Day, helping the newbies through those tricky first few days :)

Keep up the great work - nuff said! :)


You should be into Week 2 now Vicky :)

Let us know how you are doing :)


Vicky , how's your quit going, is all ok, please check in and do let us know,

Hope today is a good one


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