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Excuse me while I warble lol!! :)


Had a few medium cravings this afternoon, not bad enough to feel like I could launch a full blast war but enough to make me stand up and have to reaffirm my quitting reasons!!

It's made me evaluate my smoking habits and when the times were that I was more likely to pick up the cigs!! Funnily enough stressful situations don't trigger for me, have had a lot on my mind this week which has consumed my thoughts and not left a lot of room for cravings. This is a positive as I could be at a point which may be considered my most stressed ie, 3 children, deployed husband, life worries etc, and not only have I stopped within this time frame but (sorry to blow my own trumpet) nailed it ;)!!!

All this being said my worry was taken away today (long story) and I also found out my hubby has managed to wangle 4 weeks leave on his return both these pieces of news put me in my happy place :) and WHAM cravings are back, and in reflection I have always been like this, the best (or what I thought were the best) cigs were always in happiness, excitement or positive reflection!!

I have always maintained from the beginning I never wanted to go into hiding, socialise just as I always have and I still can't stress with 3 on the go children and a husband away how important this is but its interesting to realise when my weak moments may be

I don't know, maybe the fact that I have even realised this is a positive!

Or maybe The only point of this post was to keep my fingers busy while my craving went haha!! VX

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Well done for not smoking and lovely news. I can remember chatting to a friend that was smoking early on in my quit and shoving my fingers in my mouth (just had to keep those fingers busy) :) willing you through another successful day x

Establishing what your trigger points are, before you come across them, is an extremely positive thing Vicky.

Whilst you say you don't want to avoid them (I didn't either, I deliberately faced them down) you do know their likely effect. As such, you can plan strategies to deal with them in advance, to keep you on the straight and narrow. I'd just be wary of too much alcohol as it weakens your resolve greatly.

You're doing so well, particularly on the psychological part of the quit, which is a major part of it.

So pleased you're going to get to see hubby for a long period too, I bet you and your little ones are counting down the days already :)

Things seem to be falling into place nicely for you at the minute, just ensure that NOPE stays at the forefront of your mind at all times too :)

Congrats on keeping going. Great you have identified a big trigger already. I am still stumbling upon mine each day! Xxx

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