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Here and happy!


Morning...had a rubbish nights sleep last night but hoping it was a one off, have a headache as well but I dont care...feel amazing. Left my card at home again and treated myself to a magazine this morning, it was great just handing over £1.00 instead of spending £10 + , I used to feel embarassed just buying cigs so always added something...busy day again planned ...

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You see, it's posts like this that make me beam :) I so remember that feeling so I know how you feel :)

Psst, pull your chair over Ali, I want to tell you a secret - are you listening? I don't want to say it too loud...


Imagine, if you feel like this after a bad nights sleep and a headache, how good will you feel when everything settles down!

Don't discount the caffeine effect Ali, try and reduce or cut out caffeine for a while. It helped with my sleeping patterns and I only drink decaffinated tea now.

Quitting smoking has changed my life in many ways, all good. I'm better off, I excercise and am getting really fit, I'm losing weight, I'm eating much healthier and I'm not damaging myself anymore - yahoo!

Have a great smoke free, happy day, I'll see you later :)

Yay! I'd end up spending much more as the kids would nag me for drinks etc.. I save more than a pack of fags by giving up:) hope today goes well, I've got my Dad over today so won't be around until later. Enjoy your magazine x

This is so lovely, I remember once a lady buy 20 cigs in front of me, and thinking jeez, that's a lot of money.

You are going from strength to strength,

It only gets better and better.

A huge congrats from me

your owning it already:)

Well done Alibonger, it's great not paying out all that money isn't it!

Well done!! :) you are doing amazing...xx

I too keep having fleeting moments of what I can only describe as pure happiness, I seem to be looking at things from different angles and in general the world just seems so much more lovelier without cigarettes!!

I am so much more awake in the morning too, actually managed a cuppa in bed before the girls woke this morning which is practically unheard of for me as I am sooooo not a morning person!! Xxx

Well done, that's great, you are doing so well. I was also embarrassed buying cigs as i work in a school and felt such a bad role model. Its also so nice having extra money in your purse isn't it! Xxx

Loving this thread Ali, I can feel the positivity in your first post, love it! Xx

Ali and vicki such great words... its amazing how everything seems to get much better isnt it.the extra energy is so noticeable. Well done ali its great that you Are doing so well :))

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